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Through the Pinwheel affiliate program, the parents in your audience will discover a healthy smartphone that grows with their child. This service allows caregivers to manage their child’s digital activities.

This program could be marketed to parents who want to help their children develop a healthy use of technology.

Pinwheel Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Smartphones – Earn commission per action at
Satisfied Customers – Customers love Pinwheel, and their happy reviews are featured directly on their website
Affordable Service – offers affordable plans that can fit any budget

How Can You Benefit from This?
Getting a first cell phone is an exciting milestone in children’s and teenager’s lives; however, it might be a stressful experience for parents. With Pinwheel, parents can have peace of mind about their child’s venture into using a mobile device. Pinwheel offers a variety of safety features, such as screen time schedules, text and call monitoring, safelist of approved contacts, and more. Pinwheel also offers hundreds of pre-screened apps with in-depth safety ratings to ensure that children are interacting with digital content that is safe, and parent approved. Help users guide their children to independent and responsible use of technology when you promote Pinwheel on your webpage.

Caregiver Portal Subscription
Pinwheel offers a caregiver portal service that allows users to manage and monitor their child’s device from their own phone. As time goes on, they can add more freedoms and unlock features to help their child gain independence.

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